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मै केवल दुःख और दुःख निरोधकाही प्रज्ञापन करता हूं ! - गौतम बुद्ध

Mini Anapana Meditation


  • A Mini Anapana session should be conducted in a quiet hall or room suitable for meditation
  • Participants must listen and practice carefully, sitting with their backs straight while maintaining complete silence through out the entire session
  • Neither the person hosting the session nor anyone else should give any other instructions, live or recorded; the only instructions given should be that of Mr. Goenka's Mini Anapana recording
  • There should be no charge whatsoever for attending a Mini Anapana session

Notes: Participants who attend Mini Anapana sessions will not be considered as "Old Students" in this tradition. They can not participate in any programs designated as "For Old Students only".


Notes: Left click on the link to play the video/audio. Right click to download from the menu. It is recommended to sit for Parts 1 and 2 in one 25 min sequence the first time. Thereafter, Part 2 audio (PRACTICE SESSION) can be used for regular practice.